XVC Decoder

The XVC Decoder supports H.264 1080p60 Full HD resolution, providing a single HDMI output with embedded audio.

The XVC Decoder has a fully configurable network interface and supports multiple incoming protocols such as RTP, RTSP.

It can be configured to decode unicast or multicast streams.

Typical usage of the Decoder

Digital signage

Video wall

Low switching time

Remote screen display

  • XVC Decoder
  • Up to 1080p60 decoding
  • H.264, base line, high and main proļ¬le
  • Scaling or native preview
  • HDMI output with embedded audio
  • Ultra-low end-to-end latency < 120ms
  • RTSP/RTP, incoming streaming protocols
  • Web interface/HTTP control
  • 24/7 reliability with no moving parts

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