XVC 3G-SDI Encoder

The XVC-SDI Encoder supports AVC H.264 1080p60 Full HD resolution, with single or dual 3G-SDI inputs.

The XVC-SDI offers low power consumption and robust industrial design. The Encoder is ideal for any field-based video streaming applications.

The portable XVC-SDI features a unique design with no moving parts, is 100% silent, and is optimized for low-latency distribution of HD and SD video sources. The XVC-SDI Encoder disseminates IP video at broadcast-quality resolutions at a wide range of bit rates and frame rates.

The XVC supports multiple streaming protocols including RTP, RTSP/RTP, and RTMP, enabling the user to stream virtually to any endpoint.

The XVC-SDI offers the best price/performance ratio, thanks to its rich set of features and advanced algorithms.

What can 3G-SDI Encoder do?

Ultra-low latency Encoder

Multiple streaming protocols

Point-to-point video contribution


UAV/UGV and robotics

Homeland Security

Audio/video surveillance

  • 1080p60 Blu-ray quality video over IP network
  • H.264, base line, high and main profile
  • Advanced algorithms for maximizing bitrate and image quality
  • Advanced 3D noise reduction
  • Single/dual 3G-SDI inputs
  • Ultra-low end-to-end latency < 120 ms
  • RTP, RTSP/RTP, MP2TS and RTMP streaming protocols
  • Web interface/HTTP control
  • 24/7 reliability with no moving parts

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